Human Resources (HR) Management

Centralized employee database

Keep track of your employees' information and HR-related documents in one centralized location. 

Attendance management

Monitor employee attendance, manage schedules and track time off requests.

Performance management

Set goals, track progress, and conduct employee performance evaluations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Contact management

Manage your customer database and keep track of all interactions and communications. 

Sales pipeline management

Monitor your sales pipeline, track opportunities, and manage your sales team's performance.

Customer interaction tracking

Keep track of all customer interactions and communications to improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Project Management

Project planning and scheduling

Plan and schedule your projects, assign tasks, and track progress.

Team Communication

Improve collaboration and communication between team members and stakeholders.

Resource management

Manage your resources, including personnel and equipment, to ensure project success.

Asset Management

Centralized asset database

Keep track of your organization's assets in one centralized location.

Maintenance management

Schedule and track maintenance tasks for your assets. 

Asset utilization tracking

Track asset depreciation and calculate asset values.

Recruitment Process Management

Centralized candidate database

Keep track of all job applicants in one centralized location. 

Recruitment Management

Post job openings, track applicants, and manage the hiring process.

Interview Management

Schedule interviews and gather feedback from hiring managers and interviewers.

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